25 Jul 2016
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By Jean Shapcott
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Student story 11.1: Return to Gemma

Student story 11.1: Return to Gemma

Gemma (the child field student nurse we met in an earlier activity) is now in her 3rd year and appropraching qualification. She has really enjoyed her course and still loves interacting with the children. To some extent, she has gotten over her fears of 'looking too young' and thinks she can communicate pretty well with parents now. Her clinical skills are pretty good, even if she says so herself (her practice assessment documents do back this up!) and feedback on her communication skills has also been very good.

However, whilst this is all good, as qualification looms she realises it isn't enough. As Gemma prepares for interviews for her first job, she recognises that she is also going to have to be a leader and manager. She loves nursing, but is not terribly comfortable at the thought of delegating and allocating tasks to others. She has observed other newly qualified staff struggling to cope with asking others to do things and wonders how she can best prepare herself. Can she lead others successfully?

Do you have any tips for Gemma and others (like yourself?) in her situation?