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Nursing story 7.1: (Mis)interpretations of behaviour

Nursing story 7.1: (Mis)interpretations of behaviour

The statements below were all made by nurses about service users with reduce intellectual capacity:

'Sometimes I wonder what are the meanings of their postures or behaviours.'

'Sometimes I said to myself 'Oh my goodness, what does this mean?!' I really had no idea what they meant when they tried to express their needs.'

'I don't understand what he means, don't know what he needs. He makes some noise, but I cannot help him' (this service-user had dementia - Alzheimer's type, end stage).

'He says he has a stomach ache every day! After a while, he says he has no pain at all and another area hurts! We are confused!' (this service user had dementia  -Alzheimer's type, late stage).

'No matter what I said to him, he wouldn't stop his behaviour, he just wandered around and continuously made noise' (this service-user had dementia - Alzheimer's type, end stage).

It is proposed that it is impossible to communicate with some types of patient

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